Sunday, February 20, 2011

Testing baby belly skin products

When you're growing a new human, skin tends to stretch and become a incredibly itchy. It's also the tail end of winter, when my skin is already dry, so the one two punch of a winter pregnancy has left me scratching and clawing at myself like a mental patient.

I'm going to try out a variety of products for the greater good. You also probably have dry skin right now, even without a fetus in your belly, so I figure my scientific rigor can be put to good use here.

I'm going to test the products based on three categories:
1. smell: 5 possible points
I like natural smelling scents, vanilla, cinnamon, etc, and HATE things that smell like chemicals. I have thrown full-blown, foot stamping temper tantrums regarding plug in air fresheners that smell (to me) like a science project. If you're going to rub something into a large amount of epidermis every day, it shouldn't smell like grandmothers, cleaning products, or Japanese candy.

2. texture: 5 possible points
Is it easy to put on? Does it feel greasy on your skin? Is it gritty? These are things I like to know before I drop money on an opaque tube of lotion.

3. results to skin: 10 possible points
This is really the ultimate category- if it works, it's probably pretty good. I'll be testing for how it feels immediately after application before bed, and how my skin feels when I wake up.

Tomorrow: the first contender...

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