Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Nancy Drew fantasy come true

I always wanted to be a girl detective. I used to read a series of books about Trixie Belden, the slightly more rural version of Nancy Drew (every book featured a tortuously long choses session , detailing how Trixie had to do the dusting or help brush the horses before she could go solve the mystery). I also liked a series of books about Cam Jansen, who had a photographic memory. She would just say "click!" is she wanted to remember the scene. Then the book would show ou the picture in her mind and let you try to solve the crime.

Encyclopedia Brown, Miss Marple, you name it, I loved 'em. I even seriously considered trying to get into the FBI after high school.

So, I'm super thrilled that my chance to be involved with solving crimes may finally be on the horizons: NPR reported today that bees are now being used to help police.
You can check out the link here- It's from Robert Krulwich's blog, one of my favorite RadioLab dudes.

What do you want to be when you grow up? What were your favorite detective books?

P.S. - Mr. Holt points out that I do kind of solve mysteries now, figuring out stuff about the past etc. etc... This is a particularly romantic way of describing what I do, but it's Valentine's Day, and he's a romantic guy, so I'll take it.

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  1. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if it were true, coming from Orwellian London. I was, of course, entranced with Nancy Drew as a kid. For one, we have the same name, and my mom also had a metric crap-ton of the books from the 60's. I also liked Sherlock Holmes.