Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Can you see how rich this earth is? My landlord is really unbelievable for not letting me garden in this.

Spring is making itself known. Some informal data collection today turned up two inch iris sprouts in my yard, the tiniest breakthrough of what I think is probably last year's daisies, and buds on campus trees. The 50 degree sunny weather is practically coaxing life out of the ground.

My green fingers are twitching, but there isn't much I can grow here unless the perfect new place opens up with a garden-friendly policy for renters. I am trying to contain myself to growing humans this season, but it's hard to ignore the call of the dirt!


  1. Any chance you can put things in buckets outside your door? You don't have to tell your landlord where the dirt came from...

  2. That's what I did my first summer here. He called freaking out telling me to weed my buckets. Like screaming, ranting, that my plants were going to get sprayed with poison if I didn't "get my act together". Then we got a letter saying all tenants must have written permission to have outside things planted. He's clearly crazy, but that's what we're dealing with.

    I'll probably do a hanging basket of flowers, but what a waste of good earth!!!

  3. Ack! That sounds awful. What a waste of good earth indeed. Boo on him. What kind of person doesn't like plants?