Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Belly product review #3: Olive Oil!

That's right, plain store brand olive oil.

My awesome ex-hippy mum suggested this as her favorite go-to belly soother during all of her pregnancies and I'm always game for a natural solution to skincare woes.
Here's the breakdown:

1. Smell 5/5
I like the smell of a decent olive oil anyway, it's clean and natural. Better, the smell faded really quickly once it was applied. I was worried the heat from my body would make me smell like bruscetta all day, but I think maybe the scent molecules dissipated faster because of the heat. Look at me making bogus vaguely scientific claims!

2. Texture 4/5
This was surely the easiest application yet. I poured about 2 tbs. in little bowl and then just lubed up my hands and rubbed them all over my belly. Which is now giant, by the way. Yes- my hands were a little oily after and yes, so was my belly. I wouldn't throw on a shirt you value right away, but it absorbs very quickly, probably less than five minutes, so compared to the balm style rubs, this seemed really easy.

3. Skin outcome 8/10
There's a reason people have used olive oil to clean their skin for centuries. It makes your skin feel luxuriously soft. I only docked some points because a nighttime application doesn't seem to get me through the whole day- I'm itchy again by dinner.

Total 17/20
Well done Mom. Well done. I think I'm going to start using this on my face. And my dinner.

There are roughly 7 billion different products for itchy pregnant tummies out there. Any other suggestions for where I should look for the perfect one?


  1. If you like natural oils, I am a big fan of coconut oil for winter-dry skin (I even use it on my face...I have no shame). It is a bit greasy on my face, but absorbs into my back and hands and it smells WONDERFUL. As an added bonus, I hear you can mike very fluffy pie crusts with it. So an investment in any amount of the oil will never be a waste...

  2. what are you doing with the leftover balms after you've tried them out? at least you can use the olive oil to cook with! I want to see your tummy-pictures?m

  3. also, have you checked out LUSH brand? they are an all natural, hand crafted, organic cosmetics and lotioney type things company based out of Canada! they are really expensive, but really awesome. I don't know what particularly would work for your belly...but they might have something worth trying. The only columbus location is the Macy's at Tuttle Mall, but they are online.