Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer Reading list

I'm on vacation, and that means reading for fun (sadly, not for profit).

Here is my list of summer reads I intend to get through (those already finished are in red).
Am I missing some must haves? What are you reading this July?
What should I take on our anniversary trip to Hawaii?!

The list:

  1. The Long Ships (in progress)
  2. Anthropology Of An American Girl
  3. Welcome To Utopia
  4. 52 Loaves
  5. Alice I Have Been
  6. The Kingdom Of Ohio
  7. The Lacuna
  8. Father brown mysteries
  9. Johannes Cabal: The Detective
  10. Johannes Cabal: the necromancer
  11. Island Beneath the Sea
  12. 64$ tomato
  13. Lucy
  14. Animal vegetable miracle

1 comment:

  1. The Lacuna is sitting on my shelf but I will get to it this summer! Yay for two Barbara Kingsolver books on your list!
    To add:
    "The Forgotten Garden" by Kate Moreton. Think of A.S. Byatt's "Possession" mixed with "The Secret Garden" and toss in some Aussie accents.
    Amitav Ghosh's "The Sea of Poppies" has been highly recommended to me so it's in the To Be Read pile too.
    And if you haven't read any Ann Marie MacDonald, DO. "Fall on Your Knees" and "The Way the Crow Flies" are amazing. Oh wait. I've just figured out what I'm going to put in the mail...