Thursday, July 15, 2010

First Failure

I think I may have even said it out loud to my visiting friend, and at the very least I THOUGHT to myself, "wow. We have a lot of bees in here".

They have already filled in the lower new super, although they're still working on fixing up the wax, the addition was sorely needed as the colony has nearly tripled in size from the original box. That's about the last though I had before one, then two, then another and another bee made their way to my hair... and stayed there. One got tangled in, and I got my second bee sting. But mostly it was just unpleasant to know there is an angry bee in your hair. Also, a bee in you hair is very loud to the ear. It is hard to maintain a lady-like composure under these circumstances.

The move I used to get the bees out of my hair was no doubt the stuff of comic gold. Doubled over, shaking my head and trying to puff smoke on myself simultaneously, I think I also managed to squeal at high pitch.

As if that is not embarrassing enough, I realized why I couldn't find those elusive beekeeper meetings: they meet on Thursday nights and they show up at exactly the time when I will be running doubled over puffing smoke on my own head. And they are legion.

Today's score card:
-10 for grace
+30 for fortitude

1 comment:

  1. +100 for being a badass and touching bees with your bare hands.