Monday, April 26, 2010

Baby bees!

Today when I arrived at the apiary the parking lot was full- very unusual. A bunch of older men who have some kind of proprietary interest in the little field the apiary occupies were preparing to shoot some film for a PBS show about local beekeeping. They were really nice, and were kind enough to ignore me mostly while I asked Dr. Drone lots of questions and generally got in the way.

The bees didn't seem to mind all the extra company- they were working diligently, coming into the hive with yellow, pollen-laden legs. We crack open the hive and pulled out some of the frames and found something wonderful! Bee worms!

Well, they're not really worms, they're eggs. Or larvae. Not sure on this part exactly, my 3rd grade science is pretty rusty. I will look into it and make some more accurate explanations soon. Whatever they were, it means new baby bees, and soon new adult bees who will join our hive! I have never been so thrilled about finding insect larvae.

We dug through this incredibly stinky storage unit (think of sticking your head right into heavily used litter box) and got some extra deeps and some totally gnarly frames and put together a workable addition to the neighboring hive. Apparently bees love a little DIY home reconstruction. We'll see what they do with in in the coming weeks.

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